Covid-19 and Your 2020 Wedding 

I just wanted to give you my own little guide to help you through this uncertain time. I am sure many of you are worried about how it might affect your dream day and how your booking with myself might stand. I want to reassure and support you as much as I can, you are my absolute priority at this time and I am thinking of you all! I hope this will help answer some common questions plus give you a guide to any procedures we need to follow to all stay safe and well.


Wedding Day

• Postponements and re-arrangements. The BIG question. If your wedding is postponed, I will do my absolute best to accommodate your new date.
• Everything you have paid so far will be carried over to your new date at no extra charge.
• Please email me if this is you and I can give you dates of my availability. As an industry we are expecting a boom to happen later in the year and into 2021, therefore if you know you will be looking at new dates, please get in touch as soon as possible. Look at weekdays and Sundays if possible.
• If your day goes ahead as planned (please please please!) Please reduce the number of ladies in the room getting ready together where possible.
• Sadly I ask that we refrain from all hugs and handshakes, so our only contact is what I will need to create your beautiful hair! I’m usually the opposite, I’m sorry!
• If any of your bridal party are at all unwell, I will not be able to do their hair. My terms and conditions will still stand.




If you have your trial booked over the next few months, please consider if you would prefer to rearrange. This is so that you can enjoy the experience if you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment. I have made a few changes to how what I will need from you when you visit my studio-

• If you are at all unwell, please let me know as soon as possible and we can rebook.
• Please come to the door as normal and I will lead you down the side passage to avoid coming through the house.
• Again, I ask that we refrane from all hugs and handshakes, so our only contact is what I will need to create your beautiful hair!
• I ask if you can please bring only one other and no one who is in the high-risk category. I have good Wi-Fi so everyone else can still be with you!
• There will be a warm bowl or water and soap and a fluffy towel for you to clean your hands before entering the studio. I will of course be doing the same!
• I will be unable to supply drinks, so please bring yourself a nice bottle of something yummy to enjoy!
• We will still have fun and design you the most beautiful hair!

What am I doing

• My kit is always clean and this is something I take very seriously. I will take care to clear out by brushes as I move through your wedding party and have extra brushes. As long as all your bridal party are all well and their hair is clean as instructed on your booking information/prep information, all will be well!
• I will wash my hands between seeing each of your bridal party.
I will happily do my best to accommodate any further precautions you may see fit to help your wedding morning move as smoothly as possible.
• My studio is fully cleaned with anti-bac before and after bookings and I will no longer be using it as an office.


Of course if you have any questions please ask. This situation is forever changing, and I will keep you updated with any major changes that will affect you. I am also feeling bewildered and nervous for the future, but by talking and staying in contact we can find the best plan of action for each and every one of you!

Stay Healthy, stay safe, be positive and remember this will all pass…..

Much love,

Holly x

© 2017 Hair By Holly.

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